Green Industry Leaders Network

Green Industry Leaders Network

The Green Industry Leaders Network, presented by Corona Tools, is coalition of national organizations and brands sharing news and information from the leaders in the horticulture, tree care and landscape care.

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    Seed Selection, Storage and Saving

    Hear some insights for proper seed selection, storage and selection from the experts at the Seedkeeper Company.

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    GILN in 2019

    We're kicking off the new year with an update on what's ahead for the Green Industry Leaders Network podcasts.

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    Principles of Planting and Pruning

    Whether you are new to gardening or a seasoned gardener, understanding the principles of planting and pruning are the cornerstone of successful growing. In this episode, we'll cover the basics of what you should know. Regardless on your experience level, this episode has something for everyone.

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    8-Step Program to Organic Gardening

    In this episode, Doug Hall, former editor of Organic Gardening Magazine shares his 8 -step program for successfully growing an organic garden without chemicals.

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    Restoration Pruning

    How do you deal with an overgrown, out-of-shape tree? This episode discusses how to restore and rejuvenate that neglected tree or shrub in your landscape.

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    Demystifying Hydrangeas Part 2

    In part 1 of Demystifying Hydrangeas , we discussed the 6 different types. In part 2, Proven Winners talks about reblooming hydrangeas and some facts on their color.

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    State of the Industry Report

    If you’re in the landscape business, it’s imperative to know how the industry is performing. The State of the Industry report sheds light on issues in the industry, what services business are offering, and where they see opportunities for growth in the coming year. On this episode, we welcome managing editor, Kate Spirgen, at Lawn & Landscape magazine.

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    Demystifying Hydrangeas Part 1

    In this episode, we're demystifying the most Googled plant and flower on the planet, the amazing hydrangea. We discuss the different types to help understand where each grows best, the types of flowers they produce and which ones to can prune. Our guest is Stacey Hirvela of the #1 plant brand, Proven Winners and she helps shed some light on this shrub in this part one of two!

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    Basics of Growing Roses Successfully

    Gardeners quite often mention that they love roses but they are too hard to grow. Or that they take too much time, they don’t have the space to grow them or roses just don’t do well for them. In this episode, we'll cover some basics about roses and how there is a rose out there for everyone!

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    Disputes Over the Neighbor's Tree

    If you've ever had a dispute with the neighbor over and tree, you know it can become a real problem. In this episode, we’ll share some insights on who is responsible for trees and hedges that grow into a neighbors yard. It's important you know what you can do and what you may be liable for.

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