Green Industry Leaders Network

Green Industry Leaders Network

The Green Industry Leaders Network, presented by Corona Tools, is coalition of national organizations and brands sharing news and information from the leaders in the horticulture, tree care and landscape care.

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    Holiday Lighting Installations

    You may only think about holiday lighting during the season but, for lighting specialists, it's a year round business. Many landscape contractors offer lighting displays as a service to residential and commercial property managers. With so many different types of lighting options available, customers need to plan ahead. We share some of the best tips and trends in this #landscapechat podcast.

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    Drip Irrigation Systems

    Proper watering is essential for a thriving garden and an automatic system can help ensure it’s well hydrated. Drip irrigation systems are the most efficient and cost effective method of delivering water to plants and they are easier than ever to install.

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    The Goodness of Green

    On this #landscapechat podcast, we are celebrating the “goodness of green” or in other words, people and organizations in the green industry who are giving back to their communities.

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    When Will That Tree Fall on My House?

    It’s not something most of us think about on a daily basis. We assume tree in the front yard which has provided shade and beauty over the years, will continue to grow and flourish. Yet plenty of us have seen pictures of trees, that have fallen in a storm, crushing cars or crashing into a house. On this #treechat podcast, we’re going to discuss what property owners can do, to help spot warning signs and when to seek the guidance of knowledgeable tree care professionals.

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    Selecting the Right Tools for the Job

    Selecting the right tool for the job is essential. In this episode, we share the benefits for using the right tool and how to get the most out of your garden and landscape tools.

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    Connecting with the Green Industry on Twitter

    If you own a landscape company or work in the green industry, its likely you have thought about the value of social media. Whether to connect with other industry professionals, find new business leads, or find your target audience, Twitter is a great platform to utilize and engage with some of the best in the business.

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    Trees and Water

    On this #treechat episode, we brought in a tree care expert, to help ensure you are giving your tree the right amount of water.

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    Urban Beekeeping at Tudor Place

    On this #plantchat episode, we check in with a team of urban beekeepers at [Tudor Place][1], a historic D.C. garden. They share what that the process is like to get a bee colony set up and established, and tell some great lessons they learned along the way.

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    Water and Sustainability Innovation Award

    Sustainability in landscape is literally a growing trend in the green industry. On this #landscapechat episode, Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply has partnered with Audubon International, to announce the new Water & Sustainability Innovation Award. The award will recognize the great achievements in sustainable landscapes and green spaces.

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